What is PPI in Scotland?

What is PPI in Scotland?

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England trainers

The Kincardine offshore wind farm, off the coast of Scotland, incorporates floating offshore technology for depths greater than 50 meters and is the first ICO financing in the offshore wind sector.

ACS Group has completed the syndicated corporate operation of 380 million (‘422.36 million) to finance the development and construction of a 50 MWp floating offshore wind farm located in the North Sea some 15 km off the coast of Aberdeen, Scotland, which will become the largest floating commercial wind farm in the world.  The Official Credit Institute is contributing £60 million (€66.7 million) to the project in what is its first foray into the offshore wind sector.

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The project, called the “Kincardine Offshore Wind Farm”, involves the implementation of floating off-shore technology for depths in excess of 50 meters and has achieved green finance certification, with a loan that has been structured as a Green Loan under the requirements of the Loan Market Association (LMA).

Great Britain’s Olympic soccer team

The British bank Royal Bank of Scotland will provision up to an additional 900 million pounds (990 million euros) for its exposure to the PPI insurance case, a large-scale scandal of irregular sales of financial products. On August 23, the UK competition authority criticized the handling of this case by both the Royal itself and Banco Santander. Both entities did not properly inform users affected by the purchase of these insurance products of the possibility of making a complaint. The deadline for these claims expired on August 29.

Royal has indicated that customer claims grew much faster than expected in the days leading up to the deadline, which has resulted in these additional provisions. Royal Bank of Scotland has lost 6.9 billion in this case, the biggest scandal in British commercial banking. In total, compensation for these irregular operations amounted to 40 billion euros.

PPIs are insurance policies sold together with mortgages to cover payments in case of illness or unemployment, but the clauses applied made it impossible for many customers to actually collect the insurance. The case broke out in 2011.

Euro Cups won by England

At the 1912 Olympic Games in Stockholm, the United Kingdom team, again made up of English amateur players, retained the gold medal. The British again won all three games of the tournament, including another final against Denmark, this time defeated 4-2.

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The creation of the FIFA World Cup, reserving the Olympics for exclusively amateur footballers, led to the return of the British in the 1936 Games, where they reached the quarterfinals, being eliminated by Poland (5-4).

After the Second World War, London hosted the Olympic Games again in 1948. On this occasion, the United Kingdom team was made up of amateur players from the four constituent nations, coached by the Scotsman Matt Busby. After beating the Netherlands and France, they reached the semifinals, where they were eliminated by Yugoslavia. In the bronze medal match at Wembley Stadium, the hosts were defeated by Denmark (5-3).