What is the disadvantage of loan modification?

What is the disadvantage of loan modification?

Disadvantages of refinancing a debt peru

First final provision.  References to the transparency regulations in Law 2/2009, of March 31, 2009, which regulates the contracting with consumers of mortgage loans or credits and intermediation services for the conclusion of loan or credit contracts.

Transparency in the functioning of the markets has historically been one of the objectives most pursued by the legal system of any economic sector. The correct allocation of resources cannot take place in a genuine manner, nor is it feasible to fully guarantee competition, if there is no adequate framework of protection for customers which, by limiting the effects of information asymmetry, allows them to make their economic decisions in the most convenient way.

Within the financial sector, and leaving aside the protection derived from the existence of deposit and investor guarantee funds, customer protection has traditionally revolved around two axes. On the one hand, the prudential and solvency regulations of credit institutions, although primarily aimed at market stability, have a direct and very valuable effect on customer protection. In this sense, the institutions are subject to one of the most demanding professional statutes provided for in the entire legal system, which strongly favors their soundness and reliability in financial transactions.

What is refinancing a loan

Do you know what type of mortgage you have? Do you know if your payments will increase in the future? If you don’t find this information when you read the mortgage documents you received at closing, contact your servicer and ask. Generally, the loan servicer processes your loan payments, keeps track of the principal and interest you pay, and manages your escrow account, if applicable. They can also answer your questions.

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These tools include a series of questions and answers to help consumers understand the advantages and disadvantages of refinancing or modifying a mortgage, and where they can get more information.

New law to refinance debts

Yes, each month you will receive a Loan Status Statement detailing the amount of the debt and the due date of your next installment. The cost of this will be included in your monthly installments, in the freight fee.

Prepayments are payments to amortize the principal of your loan and imply variations in the calculation of interest, commissions and expenses. The amount of the payment must be equal to or greater than the sum of 2 installments. You can make prepayments to reduce the term of the loan or the amount of the remaining installments.

The promissory note will be filled out in the event you default on your installments. It will be made for the balance owed to date plus compensatory and late payment interest, as well as commissions and collection expenses, counting from the due date of the installment.

Dear Customer: Remember that by means of Superintendence Resolutions No. 252-2019/SUNAT and No. 098-2020/SUNAT, the Tax Administration designated as issuers of electronic payment vouchers the companies of the Financial System, for the product of Personal Loans and Vehicle Loans.


If you already have your mortgage loan, you can enroll in the INFONAVIT support program, in which the 5% contributions made by your employer are applied to the payment of your loan (payments to capital), with great benefits.

In case you lose your job, the accumulated balance in the housing subaccount is applied to the monthly payments of the credit and is interrupted when you recover your employment relationship, even though you still have a balance in the subaccount.

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To know the specific CAT of the product, as well as the terms and requirements of contracting, financial conditions, amount and concepts of the applicable commissions, call the Mortgage Service Center at 55 1102 0015 or go to a branch.

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