Which bank is best for personal loan for self-employed?

Which bank is best for personal loan for self-employed?

Best bank for small businesses

We specialize in providing the best loans and financial solutions for self-employed and entrepreneurs of all sectors and activities.  Solutions tailored to your specific needs and those of your business.

Therefore, we use business criteria to evaluate the viability of your business plan, we advise you on the financing lines that best suit you, we help you with your business plan and the necessary documentation to apply for your loan or credit for entrepreneurs, and we provide you with a quick response to your application; which you can send us through the loan simulator.

In addition, if you operate – or have your registered office – in Castilla y León or the Community of La Rioja, we have a subsidized financing program for entrepreneurs, and grants for self-employed, exclusively for your business project.

If your business activity as a freelancer is already consolidated, perhaps you are considering starting or expanding your business. Now you are facing new and greater financial needs in the medium and long term: investing in new facilities, renewing machinery, making larger purchases… All this means an additional effort for which you need greater resources, better interest rates and longer repayment terms.

Self-employed loans online

Personal loans and consumer creditPersonal loans and consumer credit are products that allow us to finance the purchase of durable goods (a car, furniture, etc.), pay for a master’s degree, take a trip, etc… They are usually easier to obtain than a mortgage loan, although they are more expensive because the interest to be paid to the bank is higher.

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Personal or consumer loans are formalized in a contract establishing the amount granted and the periodic installments to be paid, which include interest, commissions and expenses according to the agreed conditions.

Credit for self-employed without guarantor

Credit lines: they are usually used to have working capital, that is to say, to have money to continue carrying out our professional activity. With a line of credit it is possible to access a certain amount of money at specific times and pay only for the capital used.

Factoring: also known as invoice advance. Factoring allows the self-employed to collect one or more invoices ahead of time thanks to an agreement with the lender, which will give us approximately 90% of the value of the invoice. When the invoice is due for collection, the lender will collect the invoice in full.

Self-employed people do not always seek financing for their business project. In the case of self-employed people seeking consumer credit for private projects, it is possible to obtain financing without any problems.

In fact, self-employed and employees can access the same type of financing without problems as long as our income is sufficient and regular to repay the personal loan.

Best bank account for the self-employed

The main purpose of loans for SMEs and freelancers is to promote the development of your company or business, since they will allow you to finance in easy repayment terms a part of the investment, which you can use to open a new line of business, to make the leap to the international market, to buy premises or equipment or to pay suppliers.

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The market offers you different types of loans, since they can vary depending on the purpose for which you are going to use the money, your type of business, your customer profile, the amount you request, the term… In fact, in most cases, the conditions will be established individually after a feasibility study by the entity to which you go, varying from one case to another to better adapt to each situation.

To apply for one of these loans, you must go to an office of the financial institution you have chosen or do it online. Once you have made the request, the bank will carry out a study of your company’s solvency. The flow of payments, the level of indebtedness or the value of the assets of your business are the fundamental aspects that the entity will study and that will determine not only the concession or denial of the loan, but also the conditions of the same one. Therefore, it is essential that you have a healthy balance sheet that encourages the bank to trust your business and provide you with financing.

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