How do you use the word powerful in a sentence?

How do you use the word powerful in a sentence?

The Power of the Mind, Subconscious Mind with Rober León

Reading is one of the greatest and most important acts in life. Thanks to it we can inform ourselves, learn and acquire knowledge, improve personally and professionally, entertain ourselves… and the best of all is that none of the above mentioned things are mutually exclusive.

We have already talked about the benefits of reading. Benefits such as increased curiosity and knowledge, stimulation of reasoning and memory capacity, exploration of new worlds and improved memory… We have also talked about the effects that reading has on people. Addictive effects that can take you to another dimension, make you have feelings of excitement, disorientation, hallucinations, laughter / crying… Not to mention the de-stressing power that reading has. The power and magic of reading, no doubt.

In 2021, republican austerity must be strengthened.

The one true God, in his goodness and by his almighty power, not to increase his bliss, nor to acquire it, but to manifest his perfection by the good things he bestows on his creatures, with a free design, rightly from the beginning of time, created from nothing one creature and another. (DS 3002).

“What would be extraordinary if God had brought the world out of pre-existent matter? A human artificer, when given a material, makes of it whatever he wishes. Whereas God’s power is shown precisely when he starts from nothing to make whatever he wills” (St. Theophilus of Antioch, Ad Autolycum, 2,4: PG 6, 1052).

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Thus St. Catherine of Siena says to “those who are scandalized and revolted by what happens to them”: “Everything proceeds from love, everything is ordered to the salvation of man, God does nothing that is not for this purpose” (Dialoghi, 4, 138).

And St. Thomas More, shortly before his martyrdom, consoles his daughter: “Nothing can happen to me that God does not want. And whatever He wills, however bad it may seem to us, is in reality the best” (Letter from prison; cf. Liturgy of the Hours, III, Office of Readings, 22 June).

Phrases with the word powerful

In the beginning the early Christians considered themselves part of the Jewish people, prayed in the synagogues and respected the whole Torah. In the first Council of Jerusalem, narrated in chapter 15 of the book Acts of the Apostles, it is said that the Gentiles who embraced Christ were not obliged to keep the Torah given to the people of Israel. For example, Christians of Gentile origin were not obliged to be circumcised or to keep the Shabbat. From this point on Christianity begins to gradually separate from Judaism.

“Father, hallowed be thy name; thy kingdom come; give us daily the bread we need; forgive us our sins, for we also forgive everyone who trespasses against us; and lead us not into temptation.” (Lk 11:2-4).

There are only two facts that leave no room for doubt: the differences between the two versions of the Lord’s Prayer are marginal, and in practice the early Church opted for Matthew’s text, probably because it was more emphatic and ornate. By means of the scientific method it is difficult to go further in these findings.

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Military Civic Parade: 211th Anniversary of the Cry of Independence

We are moving towards equality in many areas, and among the most effective tools in the construction of a more egalitarian and inclusive society are language and communication, aspects that influence cases as concrete as the wording of job offers. Beyond gender splitting and using expressions such as “we” and “us” in our speech, inclusive language seeks to integrate all groups in the way we speak and write.

Under the title ‘Hacking language to make it inclusive’, Salas defines the term inclusive language as “the egalitarian use of words, which consciously aims to promote an equitable and non-stereotyped image of the people to whom it is addressed or referred to”.

As Marta Salas mentioned at the end of the colloquium, the use of inclusive language not only contributes to making society and organizations more open, but at the individual level it also brings benefits such as avoiding discrimination, broadening gender awareness and working on the use of language to make it richer. “You don’t just stick with the first thing that comes to mind, you look for alternatives to improve it,” she argues.

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