How do you use write?

How do you use write?

Types of writing

Writing is a system of graphic representation of a language, by means of signs traced or engraved on a support. In this sense, writing is a specifically human graphic way of conserving and transmitting information.

As a means of representation, writing is a systematic codification by means of graphic signs that allows to record with great precision the spoken language by means of regularly arranged visual signs; obvious exception to this rule is the quite modern Braille writing whose signs are tactile. Writing differs from pictograms in that pictograms do not usually have an obvious linear sequential structure.

There are two general principles in writing, on the one hand the representation by logograms that can represent concepts or semantic fields, and on the other hand the codification by graphemes that represent sounds or groups of sounds (and a distinction can be made between purely alphabetic, abugidic, syllabic, or mixed systems). Egyptian and Chinese scripts combine both types of principles (logograms and graphemes), while Latin alphabet scripts are purely graphemic.

Types of ancient writing

A set of technologies of verbal language representation is called writing.  It is a system of secondary representation of thought, which is carried out by means of visual signs or characters inscribed on some support surface.

Just as a screwdriver is used to remove or insert the screws that our hands cannot, writing allows us to communicate with people we could not reach by speaking, such as absent or future, distant or even unknown people.

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That is: in order to write (inscribe) it is necessary to learn to read (decipher) first. In this sense, writing operates as a code, a secret key, which in today’s societies is learned from an early age.

Their first alphabet appeared at that time: a syllabary reflecting the phonology and syntax of their language, which was soon copied and reproduced in neighboring languages, such as Arcadian, Eblaite, Hittite and Ugaritic.

Shortly after the emergence of writing in Sumer, Egypt and China (among others), the first model alphabet was developed, based on the Sumerian syllabary, and belonged to the Ugaritic, Canaanite inhabitants of what is now Syria.

What is writing

There were several types of scribes, the best known were the royal scribes: those who could exercise their profession throughout the kingdom except where there were numeraries. The numerary scribes could exercise their office within the town or place to which they were assigned, they were so called because they were fixed in one place. The scribes of town hall or council, were in charge of attending the meetings or sessions of a town council and authorizing any type of agreement. Chamber scribes were those who attended the hearings of a Supreme Court to carry out any procedure in them, and finally, war scribes were those in charge of acting in official courts.

Within these writings you will find four types of letters that were used in America simultaneously: German or Gothic also called scholastic or monastic; Humanistic and its variants round, cursive and italic or bastard; Courtesan and Procedural and its variant chained procedural, although within this file what you will find most will be in procedural or chained procedural writing whose images are shown below.

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How writing came about

Use dictation to turn spoken words into text anywhere on your Windows 10 PC. Dictation uses speech recognition, which is built into Windows 10, so you don’t need to download and install anything to use it.

To start dictating, select a text field and press Windows logo key + H to open the dictation toolbar. Then say what you want.    To stop dictating at any time while dictating, say “Stop dictation”.

For more information on speech recognition, read Using Speech Recognition in Windows . For information on how to set up the microphone, read How to set up and test microphones in Windows.