Is a 500 word paragraph too long?

Is a 500 word paragraph too long?

How many lines should a paragraph have according to the apa 2019 standards?

To answer this question I think it is necessary to think not as writers of the text, but as readers, how long can you read a post? Many will say that it depends on how interesting the topic is, but sometimes, even if the topic is interesting, it is difficult to keep the interest if the author does not know how to apply the synthesis of ideas.

We have talked about characteristics for writing on the web and about the process to be effective. But even though the form and content of the text is important, so is the length, especially when we publish on the Internet where resources are so vast. Inspired by the article Jonathan Morrow I share with you the length of characters I have used and some aspects to consider when writing a post.

The length of a post depends a lot on its meaning, if it is a tutorial or analysis article it often requires between 500 to 1,000 words. A good length ranges between 100 to 800 words that does not scare for its length. We must also be creative with the distribution of the content so that even though it is long, it is easy to read.

How many lines are in a short paragraph

In several written works, paragraphs are usually indicated with the typographic sign often called calderon, graphically represented in this way: ¶. Sometimes it is indicated with the paragraph sign, also known as section sign: §.

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The paragraph is made up of a main sentence that can be easily distinguished, since it states the essential part on which the others depend. It is therefore possible to say that the main sentence has the essential meaning of the paragraph. The main sentence can appear in the text implicitly or explicitly. When the main sentence is implicit, it does not appear in writing in the paragraph and it is necessary to deduce it. On the other hand, the explicit one, we do find it written and we can find it at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the paragraph.

They can be of two types: coordinating and subordinating. Coordinating clauses are those that are joined by conjunctions and have a complete meaning in themselves. Subordinating clauses are those that only acquire meaning in function of another.

How many lines are there in a paragraph examples

That is why today we are going to talk to you about this subject, explaining the keys to know the length of a text for positioning and going deeper into what you should and should not do when writing it.

Another study conducted by Fractl in 2020 in which around 5000 articles were analyzed indicates that the most shared or linked texts have an average of 695 words. In general, texts with less than 1000 words receive the most backlinks.

Surely you have read the typical phrase “Long articles are those that tend to rank better”. This statement is simply due to the fact that in a long text it is easier to deal with more content, offer more keywords and answer the user in a broader way about a certain topic.

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However, a blog article of 300 words may be a bit poor and may not be able to solve the question or the topic to be addressed in terms of what the user is looking for and, therefore, it is not possible to include long tail keywords.


If we want writing to do its job, it must be clear, coherent and well articulated so that exams, resumes, letters, presentations, information, reports and stories attract attention from the very first paragraph.

Expository and argumentative texts have the paragraph of development of a concept that starts from the statement of an idea and extends through examples or arguments that support them (In times of crisis, solidarity among people increases and we see it in volunteering, in the support to NGOs, in social canteens…).

For descriptive, expository and argumentative texts there are the statement and solution paragraphs. They begin by posing a problem – the question mark is a good way to start – and then give way to the solution. (How to avoid contagion by coronavirus?    We know it well: interpersonal distance, frequent hand washing with soap and water, and use of masks. It is also good to keep the rooms well ventilated, speak without raising your voice, forget about singing…).

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