Is Rhotacism a disability?

Is Rhotacism a disability?

Consequences of Disability Discrimination

Summary of the final report: People with disabilities are one of the most vulnerable groups in Peruvian society and, contrary to what is usually assumed, with a significant population extension. According to a study carried out jointly by the National Rehabilitation Institute and the Pan American Health Organization (INR-PAHO 1993), it was estimated that 45.40% of the Peruvian population had some kind of impairment, 31.28% had some kind of disability and 13.08% were handicapped, that is, with a disability associated with the absence of social integration. This means that nearly three and a half million Peruvians have a disability associated with social exclusion; exclusion that is expressed with particular intensity when it comes to the labor market.

Disability discrimination cases

Law No. 20,422 on Equal Opportunities and Social Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities establishes in Article 57 a special action to report discriminatory acts, which is filed before the competent Local Police Court.

In labor matters, the labor tutelage action is contemplated, whose main purpose is the protection of the fundamental rights of the worker of a non-labor nature, such as privacy, freedom of expression and dignity. It also seeks protection against discriminatory acts, among them, on the grounds of disability.

Cases of Disability Discrimination in Mexico

Surely more than once you have found yourself in situations where you have felt discriminated against because there were obstacles that prevented you from exercising your rights. It is necessary to change some things in society so that all women and men with disabilities feel that they are equal citizens. You do not have to be discriminated against because you are different and it is important that you contribute to the social change that is needed so that society does not exclude people who are different.

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The process of self-advocacy can be long, it requires dedication and it is possible that the final result will not be exactly what you expected; however, your efforts will always be very positive and you will have changed many things along the way; for example, you will have talked to people whom you will have “educated” because before they did not even notice the barriers and obstacles that put us in a disadvantaged situation. They may also become “agents of change” because you will have educated them.

Disability Discrimination Stories

The Educational Opportunities Section of the Civil Rights Division enforces several federal civil rights laws. These prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, language, gender, religion, and disability in schools and institutions of higher education. The types of cases we handle are described below.

Although section 1703(f) of the EEOA does not require schools to adopt a particular type of language acquisition program, courts often consider the following three factors in evaluating the adequacy of the program:

The Educational Opportunity Section addresses disability discrimination in a number of ways, including through its desegregation cases and ELL issues. For example, within the desegregation context, the Section examines whether minorities are disproportionately over- or under-identified. Within the ELL context, the Section ensures that students who have special education needs and who are also ELLs receive all services to which they are entitled.

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