What are the 10 phrases?

What are the 10 phrases?


In summer you should enjoy the “do-what-I-love”, so let’s leave the clocks aside, have ice cream, seduce the neighbor from our windows, listen to the hits on the radio and, above all, enjoy, because it’s summer and in summer everything is possible. Even love. A very summery and easy to apply doctrine is the dolce far niente, or the refined laziness, that philosophy that came from Italy and that, in spite of being very criticized, is also a great pleasure more suitable the hotter it gets. Of course, there are all kinds of opinions on how one should spend the summer and vacations, which is not all that glitters is sunshine.

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Chevere and short phrases

When we talk about phrases we refer to a series of words that together constitute a meaning. However, lacking a verb conjugated in a personal form, this meaning will never be complete, but will need other phrases and sentences to express a complete idea.Since the words phrase and sentence are often used as synonyms, we will explain below what a sentence is and we will explain the difference between phrase and sentence so that you can distinguish them.

There are two types of statements: sentences and phrases, also called non-sentence statements. The difference between the two is that while sentences have a complete and autonomous meaning, phrases do not.Many people believe that what really differentiates a phrase and a sentence is that in sentences there is a verb conjugated in the personal form. In phrases there may be verbs in gerund or participle forms, but never in personal forms. Although this is true and can be a good way to differentiate phrases and sentences, from a technical point of view it is not correct.Here are some examples of each so that you can understand more about the difference between phrase and sentence:Examples of sentencesAs we can see, all these phrases have a complete and autonomous sense, they consist of predicate and subject -even if elided- and the verb is in a personal form.Examples of phrases

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For Aristotle, there is no other way to achieve well-being than to act well. As in this sentence, in many others we will see how for this Greek philosopher virtue and honesty were the basic pillars of a human being and of society.

To be a good leader you must have climbed the ladder from the bottom, because in this way you can act with knowledge of cause and be fair and respectful with those you are in charge of.

They say that you don’t really know someone until you live with that person in a moment of crisis. Aristotle, with this phrase, reflected that it is in difficult moments when our true self comes to light.

With this phrase, the wise man encourages us to try to keep away negative thoughts in times of crisis. Or, at least, try to make an effort to find that light on the path that will allow us to overcome adversity.

sad-faces-and-a-smile “Anyone can get angry. That’s a very simple thing. But getting angry at the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose and in the right way, that’s certainly not so easy.”


FC Barcelona coach Xavi Hernández assured that he is confident of a victory against RCD Espanyol in his debut in charge of the first team. He spoke about the team’s potential, discipline and the importance of players such as Coutinho, Frenkie De Jong and Gavi, among others. He praised his next opponent and insisted that the coexistence in his first weeks is being especially positive.

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“Coutinho must regain confidence and he has to find himself again. We have spoken to him because he can be an important player. It depends on him: it’s more a psychological and emotional issue, it won’t be because of talent. He will have opportunities. He’s a player I like.

“Espanyol is a very good team and worked by Vicente Moreno: they can press high, in low block, come out in transition and with physical power in strategy. It is a very rich team in many things. It will be a difficult match, with tension and a lot of pace, but we are preparing to compete well.”

“The goal is to win. Barça has to fight for titles. We are not starting from scratch and it is not the best situation, but we have positive energy and let them see that we are Barça and they are not in the position they deserve.”

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