What grade do kids learn about compound sentences?

What grade do kids learn about compound sentences?


Compound sentences have more than one verb in the personal form, and therefore have as many predicates as there are verbs. Each of the sentences that are joined together to form a compound sentence is called a proposition.

A compound sentence by coordination is the union of two propositions by means of a coordinating conjunction. These two propositions, although they are joined together, are syntactically independent. That is to say: two or more propositions joined by a link, but if we separate them both, they maintain a complete meaning.

ADVERSATIVES They pose an opposition of meaning between them, that is to say, what one affirms is partially or totally contradicted by the other. The nexuses that join them are usually: but, nevertheless, nevertheless, more, but (than), before, rather, except, otherwise, etc.

They are two or more propositions that are joined by a subordinating link. One proposition (the subordinate one) depends syntactically on the other (the main one). The subordinate proposition performs a syntactic function (subject or complement) in relation to the verb of the main one.

Simple and compound sentences examples

Sometimes the subject, verb and complement can be made up of several words instead of one, so be sure to pay attention to the whole sentence rather than to each word individually.

These are sentences created from two clauses that follow the same basic structure, but this is placed twice and can be separated using conjunctions, some of these are: and, so, but, because and since.

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Many of the grammatical rules in English have their exceptions, as for example regarding the use of the article “the”, which is not used with the name of continents, countries and states, with the exception of: The United Kingdom, The United States, The Netherlands, The Hague.

Once you are comfortable with the basic sentences, take some time to explore more complex structures, these will give you more variety in using the language and are a fun challenge to learn.

At Wall Street English you will be able to practice sentences, verbs and expand your vocabulary, in addition to each of the lessons you are learning during our English course, always with the personalized support of our highly qualified teachers.

Examples of compound sentences

To finish this lesson on the types of juxtaposed coordinated and subordinate sentences, we are going to provide you with some examples of these sentences so that you can better understand all the contents we have indicated. Examples of juxtaposed sentencesExamples of coordinated sentencesExamples of subordinate sentences Examples of subordinate sentences

I want you to help me with this question about juxtaposed and coordinated compound sentences this is the first one 1) either our demands will be solved or the fight will intensify .disjunctive nexus or conjunction

Compound sentences for primary school children

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Nor should one go to the extreme of reducing the text to very short sentences, separated by periods, which can produce a decohesive effect. The clearest and most readable style is the one that combines the short sentence with coordinated and subordinate sentences that reflect the logical relationships between ideas.