Whats the most confusing sentence?

Whats the most confusing sentence?

Phrases to be confused

Send news by e-mailYour name *Your e-mail *Your e-mail *”It’s obvious: if he keeps on not even making an egg, they’re going to tell him the truth”. If you understand this phrase, you have learned Spanish as your mother tongue. For a foreigner, all these

RAE includes both uses, both with “tu tía” or “tutía “To stay in the family, more than one of you will have heard your mother say: “Son, take off your coat, you’re going to get a lice”. No, she is not telling him that he is going to suffer from hair hygiene problems, but that he is going to be very hot. Another animal that is intermingled in difficult phrases for foreigners – and also using its diminutive – is the worm. “

Matar el gusanillo” is included in the dictionary of the RAE with two meanings: to satisfy hunger momentarily and to drink aguardiente on an empty stomach.Cats, dogs and even donkeys are among the curious expressions of CastilianAnd it is that the animal kingdom gives a lot of itself for this type of expressions typical of Castilian. Surely you know the meaning of the locutions “poner a caer de un burro” -with its homonym “poner verde”-, “poner el cascabel al gato” or “comer como un pajarito”. Others, such as hacer or tener “un día de perros” have similar uses in other languages. In English, for example, they use “it’s raining cats and dogs” to indicate the strong intensity of a storm. In Spanish, for this same phenomenon you might also hear “

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Phrases about confusion in love

You want to let other people know how you feel and add some color to the conversation. After all, you can use I’m happy many times before the word loses its meaning.

This is especially true when expressing emotions. There are many phrases related to emotions that can be confusing if you try to break them down word by word. Understanding the key elements that often make up expressions will help you remember new advanced phrases faster. It will also help you when you feel totally lost when reading or hearing new expressions in English.

Many English expressions that express emotions rely on idioms. Idioms may seem meaningless at first, but when you become familiar with them, they allow you to express much more information with just a few words.

This idiom was born in Joseph Heller’s novel of the same name. In the book, an army psychiatrist uses this term to explain the rules that made it possible for pilots to be exempted from flying dangerous missions. Pilots had to declare themselves insane to get out of the service, but any pilot who wanted to be exempted from such horrific missions had to be sane. So there is no escape. It’s a “vicious circle.”

Cultured phrases

Sometimes a judgment about a point of view can be created according to the word used to attribute one of them to its author. It is important to keep in mind the meaning of the word, and to use it correctly.

These expressions, as well as the use of quotation marks to the same effect, deliberately establish the idea that something is not necessarily true, and is most likely false. Or, that something would not really be what it claims or is believed to be. This introduces an inappropriate viewpoint to the article by treating one of the viewpoints in a derogatory manner. Some examples of its use could be the following:

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The function of these expressions is to relate two different statements, with slightly conflicting values. Statements X and Y would be related in the way “X. However, Y”, “Even though X, Y”, “X. Even so, Y” and “X. Despite that, Y.” The problem with these structures is that they imply that Y would be truer or better than X.

These words are used to imply that something is completely beyond doubt or question, and that it is unreasonable to expect it to be otherwise, to the extent that it would not be necessary to explain it or cite a source.

Controversial phrases

One of the ways that many people choose nowadays to proclaim their love is through social networks and Instagram in particular. In these cases it is not always easy to find the right words to be able to express all the love you feel, that is why below we will give you some of the best love phrases for Instagram:

The reality is that of all the short phrases you can say to your girlfriend there is none that can beat the simplicity, depth and honesty of an “I love you”. But you can’t maintain a relationship with just “I love you”, you need to keep changing the repertoire so that each phrase continues to excite like the first day. Here are some of the best love phrases to dedicate to a woman:

Someone is in love, but being in love is not enough, it is also necessary that everyone, and especially the other person, is aware of your feelings. Declaring your love through phrases is a very nice way to express your feelings, something that makes you feel good to you and above all to the other person. These are the best love phrases for my girlfriend:

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