Why is family 10 sentences?

Why is family 10 sentences?

Family phrases for children

The family is defining in the life of human beings. Defining this category from an axiology perspective makes it necessary to elucidate whether it itself is a value. From this perspective, an analysis of sources for the conceptualization of the term family is made and questions are answered such as: Is the family a value, how has science advanced in the identification of the family as a value, of what nature are the elements that allow it to be equated to the most important of values, of what nature are the elements that allow it to be equated to the most important of values, and of what nature are the elements that allow it to be equated to the most important of values. As a result, the foundations are provided that allow us to consider the family as a value in itself.

The other no less transcendental aspect is the social significance of the family as evidenced in the ways of feeling, thinking and loving it by individuals, regardless of their distinctive features, such as cultural level, nationality, age, sex, age, among others.

The consideration of the family in the system of institutionalized values assumes Marti’s precept of an education that begins in the cradle and does not end until death and is in line with the idea of Ortega P and Mínguez (2004) “the family is the natural habitat for the appropriation of values”, which places it in the center of its formation and although other factors intervene, the family context is determinant.

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I love my family reflections

He drools over his children, takes care of them, plays with them… And he also takes care of you, understands you and listens to you. Your children’s father is amazing! Father’s Day is coming and we want to prepare a very special surprise for dads.

Dad drools over his kids, takes care of them, plays with them and will always be there for anything they need. And the fact is that between a father and his children there will never be distance, there will never be something unreachable and he will always offer us his help, he will give us advice when we ask for it and he will be by our side, wherever, whenever, whenever we call his phone or his house.

For this reason and more, we believe it is very important that we remind our father every day how much we love him and, as we say, the best are the phrases. If you are with dry ideas, surely this compilation of phrases to say ‘I love you’ to dad will be of great help. We have included a lot of reasons why we should remind him day after day. Do you dare with all of them?

Phrases about the importance of family

Mothers keep repeating things over and over again. And when you’re a teenager you don’t realize it, but when you’re a mother and your children don’t listen to you until a friend tells them, it feels pretty bad. Anyway, if in the end you ended up doing it, it’s because deep down, your mother was right.

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This is another good one. Just that moment when you’re in the kitchen, eating with your family and for some reason you’re angry and can’t stop talking. Your mother with an ‘eat and shut up’ solves everything. When you become a mother, you will do the same, if you don’t already, of course!

Phrases about family

Putting on high heels, going on a diet while starving, putting on makeup, waxing… The idea of investing the time and energy it takes to be ‘presentable’, and that this is the priority. As Irene Martínez Martín, professor at the Faculty of Education of the Complutense University of Madrid and researcher on feminist pedagogies, explains to S Moda, this phrase reflects “the gender mandate on women in terms of physical beauty. It shows the objectification to which women’s bodies are subjected, always pigeonholed in these canons. There is an ideal of beauty (white, thin woman) and we all ‘must’ fit in there.”

Or ‘you’re going to be overdone’, ‘so who’s going to love you’… The couple or life. “Ideas that transmit an image of how women have to be, very much within the stereotype and the heterosexual, white, Western norm: married, with children and a job, but also being very well-groomed and beautiful. That is what is understood as a 100% fulfilled woman. These approaches leave no room to leave that path or those times -you have to have done everything before 30-,” says Irene Martinez.

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